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Office of Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship

*Alert – Continuity of Instruction and COVID-19*

Follow the Coronavirus Information page for up-to-date information on how the virus is impacting the Penn State community.

Visit the College of the Liberal Arts Remote Resources page for information related to remote teaching, learning, and research work.

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Major Initiatives

Faculty Community Building

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DPS supports faculty members as they transform courses with digital methods, but also encourages them to learn from each other. By providing workshops, trainings, and other professional development opportunities, we endeavor to bring together a community of faculty that strives to foster digital innovations in their teaching and research in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Digital Liberal Arts

The DPS office facilitates partnerships and collaborations within the College of the Liberal Arts departments and across Penn State in support of the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative (DLAi). We are bringing together resources from the University Libraries and Teaching and Learning with Technology to create innovative new research and scholarship opportunities for the College of the Liberal Arts students and faculty. Visit the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative site to learn more about the initiative and explore resources available for faculty and student research projects.

To learn more about the projects DPS supports in partnership with college departments, explore our Digital Liberal Arts Projects page.

Interdisciplinary Courses

DPS specializes in creating unique teaching and learning opportunities for College of the Liberal Arts faculty and students. Interdisciplinary, timely, challenging, and sometimes controversial, our experimental special topics courses are designed to offer students the best of a Liberal Arts education. DPS helps to ensure that courses make full use of the technology resources available at Penn State to create opportunities for students to learn from faculty in departments across the college, engage with the Alumni network, and explore diverse perspectives on topical issues.

Teaching with Technology Certificate

The DPS office, in collaboration with the College of the Liberal Arts departments, awards a Teaching With Technology certificate to faculty members who have successfully demonstrated the innovative use of technology in supporting teaching strategies that create optimal learning environments for their students. This certificate program is a continuation of the original TWT program created and managed by Teaching and Learning with Technology, and is open to all College of the Liberal Arts faculty and graduate students. Visit the TWTLA website to learn more about the program.

Technology Consultations

DPS is the College’s dedicated team for assisting with Canvas, Kaltura and other educational technology. During the Canvas transition, our office served as the liaison between faculty, IT, and Instructure. We helped faculty migrate courses into the new LMS through training workshops, one-on-one consultations, and drop-in help sessions. With the university-wide adoption of Zoom and Kaltura, we are increasing the level of service we provide. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment or request a workshop for your department.

Our Mission

WE ARE pedagogy, technology-in-the-classroom, and digital research partners for College of the Liberal Arts residential faculty and staff.

  • We provide a space for faculty and staff to experiment with student-centered learning methods using innovative technology as tools.
  • We promote a collaborative and data-driven process that informs and drives a 21st century education.
  • We strive to reinforce connections among coursework and real-world settings so that students become digitally fluent critical thinkers, big doers, and makers.

What we do

Online and Hybrid Course Design

We design and develop hybrid and online courses aligned with strategic goals for resident students. We also offer one-on-one consultation sessions for faculty members looking to add new technologies to their courses, or to make the best use of a technology they are already using.

Digital Storytelling

We leverage multimedia technology to engage students and create memorable learning experiences. We also help faculty and students to amplify the stories of their significant scholarly accomplishments.

Faculty Development

We organize trainings and workshops to develop expertise, build community, and share best practices in excellent digital pedagogy and scholarship.

Special Projects

We collaborate with faculty to pilot new digital tools and research experimental course formats. We can help with all phases of project design, implementation, and evaluation, including sourcing funds and other resources.


We partner with offices and organizations within the College of the Liberal Arts and across the university to share resources and develop innovative learning experiences.

Working with us

Level 4 - Long-term projects

Our office will devote all of its resources to help you completely design or redesign a course or program. We will partner with you to brainstorm innovative technological and pedagogical changes, assist with project management, and offer support as the course is built and then goes live. We can also help to plan research around your teaching and technology strategies, or incorporate student research projects into your course.

Services offered:

  • Partner with 1-2 instructional designers throughout the course design/redesign process
  • Develop custom multimedia and/or technology components with the help of our multimedia specialist
  • Get connected to resources throughout our department, college, and university
  • Plan research around your teaching or technology use
  • Receive full support over an entire semester or multiple semesters

Level 3 - Semester(s)-long projects

Our office will assist you as you revise a course you are already teaching. This revision is a focused effort to examine and redesign key elements of your course such as assignments, content presentation, objectives, and assessments. We will work with you to revisit current content and teaching strategies, identify and experiment with new approaches, and then guide you through implementing and evaluating changes.

Services offered:

  • Partner with an instructional designer to identify and enact pedagogical and/or technological changes to your course
  • Work with a multimedia specialist to add new multimedia or technological components
  • Get connected to resources throughout our department, college, and university
  • Receive full support as you work on your revision (at least one semester before going live), as well as help troubleshooting when your revised course goes live

Level 2 - Short-term projects

Our office will help you with a small-scale design or technology project to improve a specific area of your course. Possibilities include such services as redesigning your Canvas setup, developing a companion website for your course, revising/creating one assignment, incorporating an instructional video or other new multimedia materials, and reviewing your course for accessibility and usability.

Services offered:

  • Meet with an instructional designer to review your course, discuss ideas for improvement, and create a project plan
  • Work with a multimedia specialist to source new multimedia components, if applicable
  • Get connected to resources throughout our department, college, and university
  • Receive partial support as you work on your project, with some help troubleshooting as your revision goes live

Level 1 - Quick consultation meetings

Have specific questions about using Canvas, Kaltura or other technologies in your teaching? Our office can help you with one-on-one consultations and service matching. Our office can connect you with the multimedia, technology, and training resources you need. Contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation meeting.

Services offered:

  • Meet with an instructional designer for help with specific questions about teaching or using technology in your course
  • Meet with trained specialists for technical help with Canvas or Kaltura
  • Get connected to resources throughout our department, college, and university
  • Borrow equipment such as cameras, video cameras, microphones, lighting kits, tripods, green screens, etc.

Our Team

The DPS team draws from a variety of professional backgrounds and skillsets including Instructional Design and Technology, Multimedia Production, and Project Management. We are passionate about digital storytelling and creating great educational experiences.