Welcome to Digital Pedagogies and Initiatives!

The Office of Digital Pedagogies and Initiatives (DPI) is a team of professionals who specialize in digital methods and partner with Liberal Arts residential faculty and staff to transform courses and projects with digital methods. We understand that every course and project have its own unique challenges, and DPI will work collaboratively with you to help you explore solutions. We endeavor to bring together a community that strives to foster digital innovations in their teaching and research in a collaborative and supportive environment as well as excellence in digital humanities and social sciences (which we refer to collectively as the digital liberal arts).

Follow or contact us to learn about workshops, trainings, and other professional development opportunities, as well as sharing how we can work with you. 


We support projects such as the recovery of histories through digitization projects, computational analysis of (textual) data, and engaging presentation of information.

By providing workshops, trainings, and professional development opportunities, we bring together faculty that strives to foster digital innovations in the classroom.

Using a data informed process, we consult with faculty to assess students’ experiences in their course(s) and provide recommendations to improve outcomes.

DPI facilitates the collaboration between departments and other units in the university to develop interdisciplinary courses and projects like the college theme.


DPI’s mission is to support pedagogical practices, technology-in-the-classroom, and digital research partners for the College of the Liberal Arts residential faculty and staff.

  • We provide a space for faculty and staff to experiment with student centered learning methods using innovative technology as tools
  • We promote a collaborative and data-informed process that informs and drives a 21st century education
  • We strive to reinforce connections among coursework and real-world settings so that students become digitally fluent critical thinkers, big doers, and makers