Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes

Digital Pedagogies and Initiatives, in long-term collaboration with various units in the College of the Liberal Arts and the wider university community, supports faculty-led, data-informed projects which target student’s experiences and outcomes in their courses. These projects identify and analyze pedagogical approaches and measures of student success, and subsequently develop interventions which aim to improve students’ overall performance in their courses.  

Some examples of interventions include (but are not limited to) design modifications in curriculum and assessment, measuring student performance, or fostering welcoming environments for developing critical skills which contribute to successful performance in the Liberal Arts and beyond.  

We have provided support for projects in student outcomes such as: 

  • Free tutoring for Economics courses 
  • Assessing the relationship between learner-focused syllabus design and student outcomes 

The assessment and continuous re-assessment of student outcomes in the College of the Liberal Arts and the university is supported by current best practices in learning, curriculum design, and assessment, student engagement, and trend analysis. Each member of our team brings unique and critical insight into these areas based on their experience teaching, learning, and researching in higher education.