What’s in a Recipe?

What’s in a Recipe?

Project team:

Dr Marissa Nicosia, Penn State Abington
Christina Riehman-Murphy, Penn State Abington
Heather Froehlich, Penn State University Park
Students in ENGL 296 (Independent Study, Penn State Abington)

Penn State Abington’s ACURA (Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities) initiative is a unique opportunity for Penn State students at the Abington College campus to participate in hands-on, experiential academic research. Students enrolled in this 4-credit independent study over the course of 3 semesters work closely with scholarly mentors. Since 2016, Dr Marissa Nicosia, an Assistant Professor of English, has been running “What’s in a Recipe?”, an ACURA course related to her research on Early Modern Recipes as part of the Early Modern Recipes Online Collective (EMROC). Now in its third iteration, and with collaboration from Christina Riehman-Murphy and Heather Froehlich (Penn State University Libraries), students enrolled in ENGL 296 are engaging with the literary, linguistic and historical materials in the Folger Shakespeare Library’s manuscript MS V.b.380, a medicinal and cookery book associated with Anne Western.

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