Lindsey Chandler, Ph.D.

Lindsey Chandler, Ph.D.

Instructional Technology Specialist

Dr. Lindsey Chandler is the Instructional Technology Specialist for DPI. Lindsey will provide professional development support for residential faculty to integrate digital methods in teaching and research. She brings experience in digital project tools and their application within the classroom from her time as a PhD student, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, and Content Supervisor within the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Lindsey recently graduated with PhD in Spanish and Language Science at PSU and is broadly interested in how psycholinguistic research can be applied for practical purposes in the classroom. Her dissertation research examined the relationship between word structure and reading times in first- and second-language Spanish reading. Prior to completing her PhD, Lindsey earned her MA at North Carolina State University, and her BA from Appalachian State University. Outside of academia, Lindsey is passionate about support initiatives across Appalachia, spending time outdoors, and the expressive arts.

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